Listen to the Words from Clients of India's Best Security Guard Uniform Providers

There is always high demand for the best looking security uniforms from the security companies and now there is one reliable uniform manufacturer in India who provides best quality incredibly comfortable uniforms for security guards, school students, housekeeping staffs, laboratory assistants and other professionals. The company specially provides advises for their clients on what equipment does a security guard need and related types so that the company can have professional appearance as far as the presence of the employees in the uniforms are considered.



 Some of the Client Feedback from the Many We Received 

"We came to know about Super Max India before one year and now we are among the satisfactory clients of the company. This company filled the gap for best security guard uniform providers in India. We were in need of around 10000 security guards uniforms that we need in the particular color code, which we discussed with the officials of the company. We got our product delivery on time and for the quality, unique product with perfection they delivered we received many appreciations from our clients also."

-Seema Adhikari, PRO, ALP Security, Badarpur

“We were looking for fixing best looking security uniform for our school security guards and housekeeping staffs which was kept with unsatisfactory results for a longer time- then the executives from Super Max India approached us with some unique designs and quality material list by which they provide best security guard uniform for years for many biggies in the city. We finalized the deal after selecting the uniform design of our choice and it is to be highlighted that in the entire process of selection and confirmation the officials from the company assisted us with the perfect answer of our query what equipment does a security guard need? – We are satisfied with the service offered by the security manufacturers in India.”

- Mrs. Thilothama Sharma, HOD, School of Business, Mumbai

“Till date in the industry of the security guards the companies that provide high standard uniforms and security equipments for the staffs are the winners, we also want to follow the same path and decided to get the quality products for our staffs. As we need the equipments in bulk, we were also concerned about the investment that we need to make. With Super Max India we got the best deal for the best security guard uniform and now we are expanding our business to Assam, Rajasthan and Jaipur regions we are planning for more quality dealings with the company. Good work done we really appreciate it”

-RK Singh, Secura Security, New Delhi

“What equipment does a security guard need? – This query can be solved only with the help of expert in the field and we are thankful that we are now with the best security guards uniform suppliers in India. Yes, Super Max India can provide complete range of uniforms, accessories, and equipments- this statement we made on basis of our experience of being the client of them for over 2 years. Not only security guards uniforms we got the housekeeping staff uniforms also for affordable price range. Quality and reliability over the product is high and we can recommend this company to any out there as one thing is guaranteed that you won’t be cheated and will get the incredibly comfortable uniforms here.”

– Manish Jassal, V4U, Security Company, Noida